School Computer Software, Do You Need One?

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Choosing the best school computer software can be challenging. Schools order computer software for students in all grades. When students’ education is at risk, schools have to do their part in locating software that is sufficient, educational and upgradeable. Schools all over the world invest millions of dollars in computer software programs that will enhance and motivate their students to learn. When schools begin using computers, they invested money into Apple Computers, because they were geared more toward education, than any other name brand computers.

Today, IBM personal computers, and laptops are used just as much. Most computer software programs offer schools many advantages and benefits. Administers and principals can order software that can be used in the office and in the classroom. The fact that schools have a half dozen or more departments, makes using the right software more important than ever. Computer software is designed to be used with one type of operating system. Some computer software can be used with multiple operating systems.

Academically speaking, schools have to find software that is compatible with their computers in every way. Some schools use IBM computers with Intel and of course, these types of computers are compatible with Microsoft products. Apple computers are used in schools through the globe and only software that is compatible with Apple is used in these instances. What kinds of software do schools need, and what do schools want from their computer software?

School Computer Monitoring Software

Schools start off with internet monitoring software, which is designed to protect students from digital distractions. When students use their classroom computers, teachers trust their students to visit the sites that are required to, and complete the tasks in which they are assigned. Most teachers are way too busy to monitor every child in the classroom, and with the right computer monitoring software they should not have to. Most students are curious and as what is on the other side of the “Firewall” and they let their curiosity get the best of them. Students visit websites that are strictly forbidden and are against school policy.

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Students do not realize what impact their curiosity has on their school. Schools are on a budget. They have to pay for everything in the building, and the things that are attached to it as well, including computers, computer software packages, and even bandwidth usage. Schools buy a large amount of bandwidth, due to their estimation of how much bandwidth they will need for the entire year. When the limits are reached, schools have to stretch their budgets a little and pay for the extra internet usage.

However, when filtering software is installed, students have less chance of bypassing its protection. Teachers and administrators have to account for students’ misuse. Therefore, school administrators have their IT department install “Internet filtering software” which “Monitors students’ internet surfing experience. Teachers and administrators can gain access to browsing histories, time of website visits, length of time spent on each site, and the nature of the visited site. This information is important, because officials use this information to put a block on these sites, so students can no longer access them. Monitoring and filtering software programs are most often found in primary, elementary, middle and high school. College students have a bit more freedom, as they have reached adulthood, and is expected to act as such, even when their mentors are not in sight.

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Types of Academic and Administrative Software

Academic software is perhaps the most widely used software across the board. Schools main objective is to acquire software that is beneficial for students in both lower and upper grades. Most school districts have one or more vendors they purchase their software from. These vendors may offer schools a discount, based on the number of software packages they order, or on the number of software licenses they are willing to purchase. Schools which serves primary through 12th grade, can get a great deal on multiple academic software packages. The subjects include; math, English, science, history, vocabulary, geography, reading, and so many more.

School Administration Software

School administration need a computer software they can customize, to meet the growing demands of their institution. For instance, administrators are responsible for keeping up with every aspect of the school schedules and accounting systems. Classes, students, vendors and departments within the school system have to be integrated into the schools infrastructure system. This is not an easy task. In fact, school officials have to find the right computer software that will allow them to make changes, if necessary.

Accounting Services

Personnel support or the school accountant has to keep official updated records of payroll for the entire school staff or school district, depending on their job description. This means that everyone is paid on time, through check, or through direct deposit. If court order payments need to be processed or if insurance payments and vacation pay or sick leave is added or deducted, the accountant has to address these concerns as well. Not all students pay for their lunch, and those that do may not pay full price. This too is part of the school’s accounting services. Schools have to know how much money is being taken in on a daily basis and which students are paying. At the end of the week or month, parents are given a letter verifying how much they have paid and how much is due. The accounting department is responsible for monetary exchanges of the entire school or district.

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Library Membership

There are so many fees involved in operating schools. The library is another part of the school that receives money for past due books. When students fail to return the library’s resources by the due date, the library charges a daily fee, which is imposed until the date of return. Students are blocked from checking out any more materials, until they have returned to past due material. Most schools take payment in the form of credit or debit cards and checks. Students in higher grades or in college may have access to a checking or savings account.

Lunchroom Fees

Another entity of the school is the lunch room. Students are given credit, so they can eat a nutritious meal with their friends at lunch time. After the bill reaches a set amount, the bill is sent home and parents are responsible for making payments. Parent often send a check to school to pay for their child’s lunchroom privileges. Students who receive free lunch do not have to worry about paying for their lunch. They are given a card, which they use each time they enter the cafeteria. This makes it easier for lunchroom personnel to decipher between free, partial and non paying students.

Student Billing

School financial management office is responsible for billing students for their classes, registration fees and other services. College is an entirely different world, than tradition primary, elementary, middle and high school. More students carry the responsibility of paying for the services they need, and not their parents. Schools receive more money from local, state and federal agencies. Schools receive educational funding for students who have applied for grants and scholarships.

The Department of Education award money to students based on their income, household composition, and major pursued. Students who meet certain criteria is given partial or total grants or scholarships. The money goes to the school of choice and is added to the school and to the student’s account. At the end of the semester the remaining money is credited to the students account. However, there are several charges that come out of the money, before it is completely released to the student.

These deductions are completed by using a popular accounting school computer software program. The software inputs the student information, add the funding source to the students account, and make this information available to all departments within the school system. When students go to the bookstore to purchase books and materials, the program finds the students name and student ID number and automatically charges the students for the purchased items.

After all the fees have been taken out, the program then posts the remaining money to the student’s card or bank account. Schools have to maintain accurate financial records throughout the entire school year. With the right accounting software in place, schools have little chance of making any mistakes. Everyone gets paid on time, and the schools keep operating at maximum capacity. During severe weather, school computers are safe. The software program can back up important data continuously, and schools are able to access this information from online servers.

Schools should upgrade their software, as their needs change. This is done every few years, depending on the availability of the software, and the school’s budget. The more students schools obtain, the more funding they receive and the more teachers and personnel they employ should be grounds for upgrading a system. Schools have their own infrastructure IT system which is great for schools who need to customize their own software.

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