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NoBullying is an online forum encapsulating information from many sources both professional and non-professional, with an end goal of helping those effected by bullying and in particular Cyber Bullying. We are focused on help articles, advice from professionals and statistics supported by our ebooks – which are available from the website.

Over 8 million people have visited since it launched mid 2013 and we are hopeful of helping many more people every month. If you are interested in being part of this journey with us and helping others deal with online safety issues – why not check out our corporate sponsorship page and support this cause.


Who We Are

Based in Northern Ireland, we are proud to have launched in 2013 one of the most popular Anti Bullying websites in We are currently focused on expanding this websites reach and investigating how technology can help protect people from online bullying at home or school.
We work on delivering helpful content and advice in a friendly and easy to read manner. We want to reach as many people as possible through simple, but effective design.
We use the current platforms to spread the message of, we are where potential targets and bullies are.
Business AcumenBusiness Acumen
Treze Ltd is a VC and angel funded company, run by parents and people who want to make a real difference in online safety and ensure the internet is safe for all.

How We Work at TReze?

Treze has been established with the goal of creating innovative technology that can protect children and adults online. We have an excellent team of developers, creative, writers – who are parents or share our passion of trying to make the internet a safer place for children and schools. We are focused on empowering parents with knowledge and technology to help fight cyber bullying.
We spent 2012 researching the problem of online bullying – studying reports and trends from around the world. We were shocked to see over 3 million online searches per month on bullying related topics.
We launched in summer of 2013 to bring experts’ advice to parents through guest interviews, to bring a platform where excellent advice can be shared.
Constant research and development as Treze has searched for ways to use technology to keep children safe online. Technology is medium of this problem, but we believe it can also be the solution.
”Execution” is helping hundred of thousands of people every month be safer online. We will continue to focus on providing value and help via this site and any technology that can support safety for children.

Cyber Bullying

Treze is committed to providing excellent resources, sharing experts’ advice and developing a solution that will help in the fight against cyber bullying. Our mission is to help protect people from cyber bullying, we will do this by educating and providing tools to help people protect themselves. Online Safety is a key concern for parents and teachers, Treze helps deal with these concerns through content and solutions.

Cyber Bullying

Sadly technology and the internet are being misused by certain individuals. Often hiding behind a screen, they can torment anyone with the click of a button. Read more on Cyberbullying.

Our Team

We are a team of people who have come together with a concern and passion around protecting our children online. Amazingly talented individuals add their years of experience to our efforts to make a real difference in the world.

Our Vision

Through our energy, drive and motivation to improve the safety of children online, our vision is to be a world leader in education and protection against cyber bullying.


We have a global team of writers who share their expertise and advice to help with school bullying, online and offline bullying. Have you lent your voice yet?


Our development team are some of the best in their field, we are very selective and enjoy an amazing team environment. If you would like to support us, drop us a line.

Making a Difference

Hundreds of thousands of people find help on every month. Education is a critical part of our efforts to promote online safety.


Headquartered in Northern Ireland, we have a very global outlook. As we are working with new technologies, we seek out and work with teams in different global locations focusing on a simple, common, end goal of wanting to achieve success in everything that we do. Should you be interested in contacting us, please fill in the form below or reach us through any of the other means of contact on this page.

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